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Be A Local Hero - Get Involved With Mayor Gist’s Month of Miracles

January 31, 2014

JACKSON, Tenn. — You don’t have to wear a cape and a mask to be a hero! Citizens are becoming heroes every day right here in Jackson, Tennessee. By volunteering their time and energy, Jackson residents are making the city a better place.

Month of Miracles is an annual event created by the city of Jackson, Tenn. to encourage organizations and individuals, young and old, to participate in making their community a better place through acts of volunteerism. Month of Miracles helps those same individuals find a volunteer activity to participate in that suits their one-of-a-kind personality and skill sets in hopes that they will continue to assist in the growth and strengthening of the Jackson community for future generations.

With more than 50 different organizations and groups volunteering last year, the event was a huge success.  Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist said, “these great acts of volunteerism further confirm why we are the most livable small city in America – it’s our people.”

“I challenge you to support and help grow this new city tradition, which is our own unique way of observing National Volunteer Month.”  

Residents are encouraged to help identify worthwhile projects that need volunteers.  A new website has been launched for the Month of Miracles that allows people to submit project ideas online starting February 15.

Last year, projects ranged from home repair and yard work to putting new shoes on the feet of children.  Please help the City of Jackson uncover needs that aren’t being met by submitting a project to  Projects will be reviewed between February 15 and February 28.  

Mayor Gist would also like to encourage groups to volunteer. On March 1, registration will open for volunteers to pick the project that best suits their team and capabilities.  

Volunteers are invited to sign up for the Month of Miracles e-newsletter.  It will keep them up-to-date with all the miracles happening in Jackson and let them know what resources our volunteers may need.